Lebowski Bar
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Callum WilsonCallum Wilson
19:00 20 Dec 23
chris furlongchris furlong
19:27 19 Dec 23
Great bar with decent food and sports TV
antony owenantony owen
10:32 19 Dec 23
Probably the best burger I've ever had in my life served here with french fries and a pint of Guinness for around 15 pounds which is very cheap for Reykjavik.The reason is that the Icelandic government will not allow any additives in their meat and what a difference it made.Great service and a really good atmosphere.
Nino ComelloNino Comello
00:59 18 Dec 23
Iain HealeyIain Healey
21:17 17 Dec 23
It's great how many variations they have on the white Russian. Good bar and the burgers are nice.
Sarah CurtisSarah Curtis
21:57 27 Nov 23
I got “The Walter” and asked for the bacon to be crispy and the meat well done. They brought me the wrong sandwich at first, I believe it was the one with bernaise sauce. I honestly would’ve have know had the meat nkt been rare and I went up and asked for them to put it back on. He then realized he gave my husband and I the wrong meals. They went back to get mine and I asked if it would be well done and he said yes. When they brought it out to me, the toppings were correct but the burger was still medium rare. Had the burger been cooked the way I asked I would have given the food 5 starts. The White Russians were AMAZING - highly recommend. The negatives (other than receiving wrong food and being undercooked) - they were playing silence of the lambs which just don’t usually mind but it was on this massive screen behind me and the blood and eating the guys brain was a bit off putting while trying to eat. Also, the bathroom was downstairs and was one of the rankest smelling bathrooms I’ve ever experienced- smells like someone just peed everywhere, and not just inside the bathroom, the whole downstairs going to the bathroom . I felt transported to a bathroom in a college frat house. Thankfully I was done eating because it made my stomach turn and I would’ve completely lost my appetite.
23:10 31 Oct 23
If you love a dirty burger get "the smokey" (double smash) burger. It's disgustingly filthy. Greasy, juicy, meaty, cheesy. I had to come back again for dinner because it is so good. Fries are standard good. Good portions. Friendly staff. Decent price as well.I love finding dirty burgers. I'm from Australia and the smokey burger up there among my most favourite scrumptious dirty burgers. I would say it's the best as it's a double smash, good cheese ratio, not too much bacon that it took away the meaty taste (I don't usually like bacon in smash burgers because it can take over the taste), small amount of caramelized onions 👌Too bad I live in Australia 🥲 please franchise to Australia 🥰
Frans WillemsFrans Willems
21:58 28 Jul 23
I like it here!!We watched The Big Lebowski together yesterday, and that makes this place even more fun.Burgers (The Donny, The Walter, The Other Lebowski), beers and shakes in diner style. Burgers are pretty good!Of course you can have your White Russian and there is a lot of bowling (even the Nixon-picture is here). Wipe your mouth with Dude-napkins….
17:01 13 Jul 23
Super touristy bar, but damn is it good. The atmosphere is really the best part it's super cool. It's obviously based off the movie Big Lebowski but is more than that. The staff was really nice and fun to talk to. The drinks they made was also super good. Big fan
Kevin KaiserKevin Kaiser
23:29 10 Jul 23
Rated 5 stars but would give 6 if could. One of the best themed bars ever. Got a White Russian with my special lady friend and really dug the vibe. I think the rug really ties the bar together and there is a lot of details to the movie all around the establishment. Great staff.
Taylor FlynnTaylor Flynn
14:44 07 Jul 23
Came for dinner and loved it here! Burgers and fries were both really good! My husband and I talked about this meal for a few days after we ate it😂They also have a full menu of different flavored White Russians which I highly recommend! We got 2 regulars and 1 banana Russian and they were all delicious!
Brenda BackBrenda Back
21:33 07 Jun 23
Food and drinks were awesome. One of the best burgers I've had. The Banana Russian was so so good. They have two pages of different Russians thar you can order.The strawberry milk shake was also very good.
Sheerah KimSheerah Kim
09:00 30 May 22
Super efficient staff, great burgers! We had a group booking made for 43 people and they gave us the back-end space. It was a bit tight, but still the staff was managing it very well. All of the 43 burgers were perfectly cooked, which was amazing and everyone praised it. The back-end room turns into a dancefloor on weekends and we had a blast. Would come here anytime again!
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