Draft Beer

“He is a wise man who invented beer.” Plato

Happy Hour

every day from 4-7PM

Happy Hour prices are as followed:

Gull, Icelandic Lager (500ml) 900.- ISK
Gull Lite, Icelandic Lager (500ml) 900.- ISK
Tuborg Classic, Red Pilsner (500ml) 950.- ISK
Bríó, German Style Pilsner (400ml) 950.- ISK
Summersby, Apple Cider (500ml) 950.- ISK
Guinness, Stout (500ml) 950.- ISK
Boli, Premium Lager (500ml) 950.- ISK
Úlfur, Icelandic IPA (500ml) 1000.- ISK
Glass of wine (175ml) 1000.- ISK
Glass of Prosecco (150ml) 1100.- ISK